Jabrail (Gabriel)

20 minutes | Narrative | DCP | Colour 

Director:  Yousef Kargar

Gabriel is a middle-aged man who lives with his son. His wife has been lost for some time. All the people are suspicious about her. One day news comes to him and he has to choose one: expediency or conscience?!

Director’s Filmography

2019: Jabrail (Gabriel) (short)

2019: Maria’s Day (short)

2018: Euthanize (short)

2017: The Distance AKA Ara (short)

2015: Ağı AKA Elegy (short)

2013: On the ARAS Boundary (short)

2013: United Land (short)

2013: Requiem for a Night (Short)

見光 (Home, and A Distant Archive)

20 minutes | Documentary | DCP | Colour |  O.v. Cantonese | sub. English

Director:  Dorothy Cheung

Home, and a Distant Archive is a poetic portrait of four Hong Kong women aboard in London, who volunteered for retrieving and digitising the UK records of the handover agreement between the United Kingdom and China, and their thoughts on identity, diaspora and their home at this troubled time. The film is a resonant, poetic, deeply personal, yet expansive reflection, bringing into sharp relief the political and existential moment we are in.


Home, and a Distant Archive adalah potret puitis empat wanita Hong Kong yang meniti karir di London. Mereka secara sukarela mengambil dan mendigitalkan catatan Inggris tentang perjanjian penyerahan antara Inggris dan China. Home, and a Distant Archive merepresentasikan pemikiran mereka tentang identitas, diaspora, dan rumah mereka di masa-masa bermasalah tersebut. Film ini adalah refleksi yang resonan, puitis, sangat pribadi, namun ekspansif, membawa kelegaan pada momen politik dan eksistensial yang kita hidupi saat ini.

Director’s Filmography

2020: 見光 (Home, and A Distant Archive) (short)



Director:  –

Director’s Filmography

Booking Out

27 minutes | Fiction | DCP | Colour | O.v. Javanese

Director:  Fuad Hilmi Hirnanda

Documentation of Udin’s life(35), a credit seller. Behind his business, Udin has another job as an online prostitute. Udin runs his side job to fulfill his family daily needs. In order to runs his side job, Udin used his sister in law to attract his customers.

Director’s Filmography

2020: Booking Out (short)

2018: Tole (Children on The Street)

2018: EID

2017: Living in ROB

Production Company: Fixinema, Lifelike Picture

Contact: Fuad Hilmi Hirnanda :

Daghi (Burned)

15 minutes | Narrative | DCP | Colour | O.v. Pasto | sub. English

Director:  Fatemeh Mohamadi

Every night,when Hafeez hears the sound of gunfire at the border, he goes there to take away the belongings of the immigrants’ corpses to make a living. One night, between the bodies, he notices a young girl and her child who are hiding in a corner…

Director’s Filmography

2020: Daghi (Burned) (short)

2018: Oblivion (short)

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