Gimbal (Gimbal: A bet Between Tradition and Pride)

15 minutes | Documentary | DCP | Colour| O.v. Java, Indonesia 

Director:  Sidiq Ariyadi

A farmer named Sutrisno has a daughter named Alya who has dreadlocks in her hair. The dreadlocks hair was never been made but given by supernatural ancestors. People also believes there’s some spirit that follows the child along with the hair. To set the child free, a dreadlocks haircut ritual needs to be held. Before the ritual, a dreadlocks child request needs to be granted. Alya is asking for a big female cow from her parents. Sutrisno as the head of the family working so hard to fulfill his daughter’s request to complete the ritual.

Director’s Filmography

2020: Gimbal (short)

Lễ trưởng thành của Ê-đi-xơn (The Graduation of Edison)

21 minutes | Narrative | DCP | Colour|
O.v. Vietnamese | sub. English

Director:  Pham Hoang Minh Thy

Minh lives in a village where every child is born with a tree on their heads, except for him. On graduation day, students who have turned 18 will get their tree cut to signify adulthood. Problems arise when Minh’s sister decides to keep hers.

Director’s Filmography

2019: Lễ trưởng thành của Ê-đi-xơn (The Graduation of Edison) (short)


她他 (Make a Wish)

25 minutes | Narrative | DCP | Colour| O.v. Mandarin 

Director:  Chen Ke Yun

Legend has it, on the night of Chinese Valentine’s Day, if one brings 1,000 paper stars to some ruins and burns them, the wishes written inside will come true.

Director’s Filmography

2019: 她他 (Make a Wish) (short)


28 minutes | Narrative | DCP | Colour| O.v. Japanese 

Director:  Marina Tsukada

Mitsuki lives in her own world, writing her novel or listening to idol singer songs. She also secretly admires her fellow student but can’t bring herself to talk to him. Her only escape is to retreat into her own world and lose herself in music.

Director Marina made this short film as a pilot version of feature film project TOKI which is based on her real life experience and which will take 10 years to complete as she will spend 10 years to shoot the film together with the same casts. This short film is very experimental as she tried to understand Mitsuki’s everyday life from Mitsuki’s point of view and not from the filmmaker’s point of view. In order to do so, Marina gave a voice recorder to Mitsuki, and Mitsuki recorded a lot of voices and sounds around her in her school and at home for one week. Based on the big amount of recordings, Marina wrote the script and directed the film without attempting to let Mitsuki explain anything. She also tried to find the best casts and team to work together for 10 years, and she shot it in 16mm film and scanned it in 4K as she will do for the feature version.

Director’s Filmography

2020: Mitsuki (short)

2016: Taste of Emptiness (feature)

2014: Color My World (short)

The Girls Are Alright

15 minutes | Narrative | DCP | Colour | O.v. English (Malaysia) | sub. English

Director:  Gwai Lou

Orked and Ani, best friends since they started school, don´t meet so often since Orked´s family has moved and she now studies in another school. Nevertheless, they still remain best friends, so when Ani receives a strange proposition through a dating app she has just registered with, Orked is the first person Ani talks to.
This is a story about the dangers of being a teenage girl in these strange internet-bombarded days in which lives are connected in all sorts of different ways.

Director’s Filmography

2019: The Girls Are Alright (short)

Production Company: Gwai Lou Films

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