Frangipani Rising 

Director: Andrea Hachuel

Frangipani Rising is a modern fairy tale set on a beautiful island where the moon and nature seem to have a strange power over the inhabitants. Nyoman, our hero, is the loneliest person he knows and has given up on the idea of ever finding love. Not even the moonlit escapades with his friends, nor the beauty that surrounds him can seem to lift his spirits. Until one night, pushed by despair, he curses at the moon and blames her for his fate. The next morning, Nyoman discovers his house has been shaken by an earthquake, and something unthinkable has grown in his garden…

Director’s Filmography

Commentary Tracks

14 minutes | Hybrid | DCP | Colour | o.v. French, Indonesia  

Director: Bihar Jafarian

An amateur film director contemplating about filmmaking, laborers, and Chinese people during a pandemic quarantine. All of them through his shots inside his house, helped by his French narrator.

Director’s Filmography

2020: Commentary Tracks (short)

2017: Parawengi (short)

2016: Mulih (short)

Satu (The World is Me)

19 minutes | Narrative | DCP | Colour | o.v. Sundanese | sub. Indonesian, English

Director: Aditia Santosa

Supri (37) is a fisherman who return from fishing found a death body of a woman lying at the beach and covered in wounds all over her body. Supri who feels sorry is confused to help the body with all the risks or leaves the body feeling guilty. Finally he called his friend Yatin (35) to help him take care of the woman’s corpse, but with all the odds, the discovery of the corpse created a heated debate between Supri and Yatin in finding a solution to take care of the corpse.

Director’s Filmography

2020: Satu (The World is Me) (short)

Belum Kebayang (Not Yet)

8 minutes | Documentary | DCP | Colour | o.v. Indonesia 

Director: Steven Vicky Sumbodo

Malam yang sepi, sebuah tongkrongan mulai kehabisan topik pembicaraan. Mereka merekam suara mereka, dan iseng mereka mulai mengulik mimpi-mimpi mereka. Obrolan berlangsung asik, selagi masing-masing anggota mulai mengingat mimpi mereka satu-persatu. Audy (23) bercerita perjalanannya melihat banyak macam dinosaurus dari dalam mobil di kota Jakarta. Al (23) bercerita ketika ia ditugaskan menjadi seorang pembunuh bayaran yang tidak dibayar. Angga (23) bercerita ketika ia diajak jalan-jalan oleh seekor ular kobra raksasa ke palung Mariana. Selesai itu pun rasa bosan mereka tidak hilang. Baterai alat rekam mulai habis, durasi rekaman mencapai 1 jam, hiburan dan informasi tidak penting ini rupanya… bagus juga ya dijadiin film.

Director’s Filmography

2020: Belum Kebayang (Not Yet) (short)

2018: Lahir di Darat Besar di Laut (short)

Hai Guys Balik Lagi sama Gue, Tuhan!

5 minutes | Narrative | DCP | Colour | o.v. Indonesia | sub. Indonesian, English

Director: Winner Wijaya

Bagaimana jika Tuhan bikin vlog?


What if God has a vlog?

Director’s Filmography

2020: Hai Guys Balik Lagi sama Gue, Tuhan! (short)

2017: Ojek Lusi (short)

Goodnight, Stargazer

15 minutes | Narrative | DCP | Colour 

Director: Adriano Rudiman

Dawn and Luna are a couple of astronauts coming home from a mission. On their way, they encounter damage to their ship, resulting in the oxygen levels depleting quickly. As time grows thinner, her partner Luna grows more anxious. The old doctor decides not to risk any life and uses their last resort in an attempt to fix the ship from the inside using the ship’s robot arm.

As the ship creaks and is being hit more and more by the meteor outside of the ship, we see the two astronauts conversing about their life back on earth to calm their nerves down. Going deeper into each of their lives, we start to understand that Dawn has made a promise to her wife, Yuki, to return home safely. Reminding herself that Luna, her partner also has a family waiting for her back on earth, Dawn is forced to make a really hard decision.

Director’s Filmography

2019: Goodnight, Stargazer (short)

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