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Dedah Salamah

14 minutes | 2020 | Indonesia | Narrative | 🔊 Pekanbaru Malay | Sub. | All Ages


SALAMAH (38) is a foster mother at an orphanage. Salamah serves not many side dishes. Salamah was willing to just eat rice without side dishes and let the orphanage children eat. After being served, the children actually argued about the portions of the food.

When they found out that Salamah only ate rice, they were silent and thought about sharing, setting aside a few side dishes for Salamah. When Salamah returned, Salamah was angry with the unclean condition of the room.

One by one the children came out from behind hiding and said that they wanted to share with Salamah. Salamah is sad and one of the children sings a poem to explain how much they love Salamah. In an emotional state, the other children changed their sad feelings into happy ones by inviting Salamah to sing.


Director's Biography

Biografi Sutradara

Ridho Arofa

Ridho Arofa

Ridho Arofa, or Omdo, was born in Pekanbaru on April 25, 1997. He graduated from the TV and Film Department of the Indonesian Arts Institute, Padang Panjang, in 2020. He works as a short filmmaker and creative director.
He participated in the story idea pitching program by Kemenparekraf in 2020 (FESTIV) and 2022 (Lensa Kreatif). With his interest in and consistent activism in filmmaking, Omdo still wants to contribute to the cinema ecosystem to this day.

Cast & Crew

Kru & Pemain

Production Company Kongsi Filmmaker Pekanbaru

Producer Irvan, Said Rahmat Hidayat

Main Cast Siti Salmah

Screenplay Ridho Arofa

Cinematographer Afdhal Zikra

Editor Abd. Rauf, Moh. Fahri

Notable Achievement

Official Selection | Kenduri Serumpun Melayu Film Festival (2023)

Bioskop Taman Keliling Kampung, 2023

Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival, 2020

Kongsi Filmmaker Pekanbaru, 2020