Darah Biru Arema

Taufan Agustiyan Prakoso



XXI 3 | THU 1 DEC | 15:30


As a huge Arema fan, Pacho is very passionate about supporting the football club, just like his late father.


Just like any devoted fan Pacho wears Arema’s merchandise and talks about football all the time wherever he is. Conflict starts when Bogel, Pacho’s classmate, often makes fun of him about his ambitions to be an Arema player. His mother is not supportive of his dream too.


The situation got worse when Pacho revealed that he had never attended Arema’s match in the stadium despite his claims to be a die-hard Aremania. It creates a burden for Pacho and causes his friends who have attended Aremania match before to bully him.


Taufan Agustiyan Prakoso


Production Company

Kelas Film Indonesia dan SMEAMU

Director's Profile

Yusuf Reza Permadi

Yusuf Reza Permadi

Taufan Agustiyan Prakoso is a director, writer, and director of photography based in Malang. He is well-known as a documentary film director and is currently the Head of Public Relations for the Nusantara Documentary Association Malang Raya.

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