6 minutes | 2019 | Indonesia | Narrative |
Javanese | sub. English

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LPP | WED 30 NOV | 19.00


Gita, a teenager whose mother is out of town, is forced to live with her aunty (Budhe), who still believes in myths. During dinner, when she’s about to eat brutu (chicken butt), Budhe still thinks that it makes people forgetful.


Antika Harianti


Production Company

Geber Film Blitar



Director's Profile

Antika Harianti

Antika Harianti

Antika Harianti was born in Blitar on August 4, 2002. During high school, her interest in filmmaking started to grow as joining the film extracurricular and Geber Film Community which led her to direct and write her first film, "Brutu." She is fascinated by the culture and customs of various regions. She is currently enrolled in an undergraduate program at Brawijaya University, majoring in Psychology.

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