9 minutes | 2019 | Indonesia | Documentary |
Indonesian | sub. English | 13+

Poster Brajamolek


XXI 3 | THU 1 DEC | 15:30


“Players and coaches may change, but supporters will remain loyal to their beloved team until the end of their life”. Lintang Sae Martasari is a football supporter of her pride football team, PSIM Yogyakarta. Lintang is a member of Brajamolek (women supporters of PSIM Yogyakarta) and serves as vice chairman. She never fails to watch and support her team. Even though she often gets mocked by people who see the football supporters as gangs of vandals, rioters, and brawlers. On top of that, she also struggles against the stigma associated with female supporters.


Felina Arni


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Felina Arni

Felina Arni

In 2021, Felina Arni graduated from MMTC Multi Media Academy Yogyakarta. Brajamolek is her first film. Before directing, she used to be a member of a band's music video production team in Yogyakarta. After working on a college assignment, her concern for the stigma towards female football supporters encourages her to make her own film about it. With guidance from her lecturer and the team, she makes a film which she hopes will positively impact cinephiles.

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