Bootlegging My Way Into Hell

22 minutes | 2022 | Indonesia | Narrative | Indonesian | sub. English & Bahasa Indonesia | 21+



XXI 5 | TUE 29 NOV | 12:00

World Premiere

XXI 5 | SAT 3 DEC | 14:00

World Premiere


Vega is obsessed with an underground porn star named Bima Jantan who died a few years ago due to penis captivus. Together with her best friend, Laura, and her lover, Ari, Vega reenacts the death of Bima Jantan to channel her wild fantasies. However, the reenactment provokes the curse of Bima Jantan which now threatens the lives of the three friends.


Ry Woyzeck


Production Company

Kolong Sinema



Director's Profile

Ry Woyzeck

Ry Woyzeck

Azzam is the co-founder of Kolong Sinema, a collective that focuses on B-class films, horror films, or any works that are considered cheap or campy. Azzam's first film, "Deranged Behaviour" (2016), was selected to be a part of CIM Sueca Film Festival from Spain and Fake Flesh Film Festival from Canada. Another B-class horror film of his called "I Dance on Your Grave" also won The Best Short Thriller award at the L.A. Underground Film Forum Film Festival on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles. Recently, Azzam and his directing partner, Deka also worked on several films for various streaming services, such as "Noda Ranjang Membekas" for FlipFlopTV and "Kuburan Berjalan" for Kumparan+.