Bloody Rose

11 minutes | 2022 | Indonesia | Narrative | Indonesian – Malay – Kupang | sub. English & Bahasa Indonesia | 13+

Poster Bloody Rose


XXI 5 | MON 28 NOV | 13:15


Alvian (11) and Toni (11) are trying to find sanitary napkins for their disabled friend, Rose (11) who has had her first period in elementary school. Rose’s disability (deaf) becomes a challenge for them to communicate when she is facing this new situation. The lack of access to sanitary napkins at the school and the long distance to find a shop from the school become their challenge. At the same time, Alvian and Toni are challenged by a male friend who wants them to look macho. The dilemma between looking macho and helping their best friend is a reality they have to deal with.


Elsy Grazia


Production Company

Komunitas Film Kupang


Director's Profile

Elsy Grazia

Elsy Grazia

Elsy Grazia, met and became acquainted with the Kupang Film Community (KFK) since 2018 and began to be actively involved as a volunteer in every activity. In the same year, she debuted as a screenwriter in the film “Tiga Batu” by director Emilianus U.K Patar and will continue to learn and grow.

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