Teluh Darah

Blood Curse

Episode 1 & Episode 2

90 minutes | 2022 | Indonesia | Narrative | Indonesian | sub. English | 13+



XXI 2 | SAT 3 DEC | 13:00

Indonesia Premiere


Wulan is a beautiful and intelligent woman, with a bright future at a bona fide investment firm. Wulan’s life takes a somber turn when a string of bizarre incidents starts happening to her family. A dead civet is found in the house, filthy maggots start appearing, and a mysterious lump of hair is blocking the drainage. All these lead to Ahmad falling sick. After throwing up a bloody nail and thousands of flies, the family’s patriarch dies a gruesome death in front of his wife and kids. At around the same time, in Bogor, a young man named Esa also witnesses his father’s equally tragic death. Bonded by a similar fate, Wulan and Esa decide to work together and investigate the cause of their fathers’ deaths.


Kimo Stamboel


Director’s Filmography


The Queen of Black Magic





Production Company

Rapi Films

Director's Profile

Kimo Stamboel

Kimo Stamboel

Muhammad Stamboel (Born on 1 June 1980) is an Indonesian film director, producer, and screenwriter. He is known for his works on the horror genres both as himself and also as part of the Mo Brothers with friend Timo Tjahjanto. Kimo launched his filmmaking career in 2004 with the release of his directorial debut Bunian in 2004 and achieved mainstream success with the release of slasher hit Macabre (also known as Rumah Dara) in 2009. The duo received a Citra Award nomination for Best Director in 2016 for Headshot. Kimo went solo and directed the box office and critical hit Ratu Ilmu Hitam, a remake of the same-titled Indonesian horror classic, in 2019. His latest feature film is the box office horror hit Ivanna (2022).

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