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Black Passenger

World Premiere

19 minutes | 2023 | Indonesia | Narrative | 🔊 Indonesia | Indonesia & Inggris Sub. | Age Rating


Benny Mayor (age 20) was invited to play tifa in Manokwari at a five-year cultural event that the governor would attend. He traveled to Manokwari by ferry accompanied by his two older friends. But the two did not buy tickets and instead threw Benny’s ticket into the sea, challenging him to be ‘Black Passenger’, avoiding the ticket controllers.

Once they find a hiding passage where a young pregnant woman was already inside but when the controllers get closer the woman is panicking and is pinched by pipes, leaving him with a choice between helping her at the risk of being caught, locked up for 1×24 hours or escaping so Benny could perform on the stage of his dreams.


MON, 27 NOV 2023 | XXI STUDIO 5 | 12:30

Director's Biography

Biografi Sutradara

Danny Mambrasar

Danny Mambrasar

Danny Mambrasar was born and raised in Sorong and is an indigenous child of the Biak Karon tribe. He migrated to Jakarta to work as a contemporary dancer which led him to various dance stages, such as at Erasmus Huis, PON XX and SIFA SIngapore. He studied cinema by himself and in 2018 his documentary film entitled Kampung MacArthur about the legacy of allied troops in a remote Papuan village was screened in the Landskap FFD Yogyakarta program and in 2022 his fictional film debut entitled Sa Pu Nama Moses about the fate of a port porter who experienced racism became a finalist of the KPK story idea competition.

Cast & Crew

Kru & Pemain

Production Company Nomad Film

Producer Riyan Silubun

Main Cast Yusup gepse 

Screenplay Danny Mambrasar

Cinematographer Andrianus Pramono

Editor Adhitya Daniel

Notable Achievement


Sa Pu Nama Moses (2022)

Kampung MacArthur (2018)