Artemist: Encouraging Ethical Fashion

5 minutes | 2022 | Indonesia | Documentary |
Indonesian | sub. English



LPP | TUE 29 NOV | 19.00


Fast fashion has become a normalized trend in this globalization era, in which low-quality clothes are mass-produced and sold with low prices at the expense of worker welfare and environmental sustainability. As a result, people who support the slow fashion movement, a more sustainable fashion trend, are starting to emerge, as well as the awareness of the menace of the fast fashion industry. Is the trend misguided? Is it unethical? Is it possible for slow fashion to completely replace fast fashion? This documentary introduces the slow fashion movement and discusses the issues of fast and slow fashion through Tiara Denya’s eyes, the owner of Artemist (, a thrift and rework clothing store.


Penelope Shen


Production Company

Skarlune Production



Director's Profile

Penelope Shen

Penelope Shen

Penelope Shen is an Indonesian director who was born on June 17 2003 in Tangerang, Indonesia. She is currently pursuing a degree in Film at Multimedia Nusantara University. Penelope deeply cares about various global issues. The documentary she produced during her second semester in college, "Artemist: Encouraging Ethical Fashion" addresses the fast fashion industry. The documentary is her first and only project. In addition to directing the documentary, she was also the scriptwriter, cinematographer, and colourist of the film.

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