Aremania Pemain Kedua Belas

17 minutes | 2019 | Indonesia | Documentary |
Indonesian | No Subtitle | 13+



XXI 3 | THU 1 DEC | 15:30


Aremania is the name of the supporters of the football club Arema FC. Their form of loyalty is manifested in positive support, like buying tickets Arema players’s wage, discouraging violent behaviour inside and outside the stadium by singing their song. This positive support has been ingrained in the people of Malang and transformed into a subculture. So, talking about Aremania is not only about supporters. This community originated from the perspective that football is entertainment for everyone in Malang.


With a large numbers of members, the people of Malang saw football as a unifying medium which lead to the establishment of the Arema football club. This is what makes the people of Malang proud of Arema. Aremania is the 12th player for Arema FC.


Yusuf Reza Permadi


Production Company

Arek Wetan

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Yusuf Reza Permadi

Yusuf Reza Permadi

Yusuf Reza Permadi is a journalistic content creator. He's been in the broadcasting (television) industry for nearly seven years. He has participated in various programs and coverage, both national and international.

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