Arema "Agama Kedua"

50 minutes | 2010 | Indonesia | Documentary |
Indonesian | - | -



LPP | THU 1 DEC | 19:00


People in Malang call them “Aremania.” Arema FC is deeply rooted in them and has spread to the rest of Indonesia. Aremania is not simply the Arema supporters’ group but also a “Second Religion.” Arema is a lifestyle that has been an inspiration to Malang citizens.


Rio Armando


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Rio Armando

Rio Armando

Rio Armando was born in Palangkaraya on May 4, 1989. He started working while he was still a student at UMY Communication Studies. Some of his works are "Inikah Jogjaku" (2008), "Nyanyian Seruni" (2009), "Dia" (2010), "Arema, Second Religion" (2010), and "Wajah Indonesia" (2011).

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