Teh Tawar Untuk Akong

Ah Gong Would Like Some Sugar in His Tea

13 minutes | 2022 | Indonesia | Narrative | Indonesian | sub. English & Bahasa Indonesia | 17+

Poster Film TTUA-01


XXI 5 | MON 28 NOV | 13:15


Sherly, Viktor, and their infant child visit Sherly’s father’s house who recently became an Ah Gong (grandfather in Teochew dialect), they planned to hold a late tea ceremony because Sherly had a shotgun wedding a few years ago behind her father’s back. Ah Gong is too disappointed to accept the tea ceremony, but then Sherly realizes that she got the acceptance she was longing for in an unexpected way.


Yonathan Lim


Production Company

Tora Creative


Director's Profile

Yonathan Lim

Yonathan Lim

Yonathan Lim was involved in film making at the Omnibus FISFiC as a scriptwriter. After that, Lim decided to stay involved in making short films as an independent writer and director. Some of his works have been shown at Hellofest8, AVIFEST, and the Gi-Video Award. Lim has also created a web-series for the media company LayariaTV.

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