Bakmi Bangka Heri

A Trip to Bangka

20 minutes | 2022 | Indonesia | Narrative | Indonesian | sub. English | 13+

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XXI | SAT 26 NOV | 19:30

XXI 5 | THU 1 DEC | 12:45

World Premiere


HERI (55) takes his daughter, FEMI (23) for a vacation to his hometown, the town of Bangka. He wants to show her the city that introduced him to Bakmi Bangka (a type of noodle dish), a dish that they sell in their family owned noodle shop in Jakarta. This is an important trip for Femi, as she is destined to inherit the shop when Heri retires. Femi is forced to go, even though she doesn’t want to. In fact, she has no interest in taking over the noodle shop.



Winnie Benjamin


Production Company

Palari Films, Vision+



Director's Profile

Winnie Benjamin

Winnie Benjamin

Winnie Benjamin is an Indonesian Filmmaker. She is a writer and director who has produced several short films during her years working in the industry that has been screened and gained awards both locally and internationally. Her works include Suburbia (2019), Friendly Fire (2020), and Bertamu (2021).

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