Jus Nanas Kue Lapis

A Sip and A Bite

20 minutes | 2022 | Indonesia | Narrative | Indonesian | sub. English | 13+



XXI | SAT 26 NOV | 19:30

XXI 5 | WED 30 NOV | 13:15

World Premiere


A movie about a young mother who’s trying to enjoy her me time by having a picnic in the pine forest. In reality the tranquility she expected keep interrupted by many calls, video calls, chats about work and house affairs. Following the story, we learn that she has online florist shop, she also a property agent as well as helping her husband Koi Fish selling business.


Ariani Darmawan


Production Company

Palari Films, Vision+





Director's Profile

Ariani Darmawan

Ariani Darmawan

Ariani Darmawan is a filmmaker and video artist. Her works have been exhibited in countries in Asia, Australia, Europe, and USA. She runs Kineruku book store in her hometown, Bandung, Indonesia.

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