A Postcard For The Giants

16 minutes | 2021 | Indonesia | Documentary |
Indonesian | No Subtitle | 13+



XXI 3 | THU 1 DEC | 15:30


For some people, loving the local football club is a calling. Anything can be a calling to everyone. People say that the calling is: PSS! Sleman Regency’s beloved club is adored not only by Sleman locals but also by anyone who is enchanted by its calling. Those called by PSS took Brigata Curva Sud (BCS) as their identity. Whenever PSS matches are held, home or away, it is a big day to be celebrated. Fanaticism involves love, and love trumps logic. At that time, the industry, which did not value integrity and loyalty, took advantage of people’s affection for PSS. PSS is not a business; PSS is love and dedication!


Ayesha Alma Almera


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Director's Profile

Ayesha Alma Almera

Ayesha Alma Almera

Born in Yogyakarta, Ayesha Alma Almera (b.1996) has been familiar with films because he lives in close proximity to one of Yogyakarta’s old and renowned theatres. Ayesha found his passion in moving visuals when he entered university, making several short films with his campus community. Kepaten: A Beautiful Conversation and Golden Age are the most recent short films he has made. Aside from that, he had also been involved in short film projects in Yogyakarta, such as Loz Jogjakartoz and Tilik. After graduating, Ayesha started to deepen his knowledge in films by taking the Cinema Crash Course held by Kinosaurus Jakarta. He is currently running a production house called Otakanan Pictures.

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