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A Meat Story

Remeh Temeh Segumpal Daging

Asian Premiere

37 minutes | 2023 | Indonesia | Narrative | 🔊 Bahasa Indonesia, Banjarese, Kutainese | Indonesia & English Sub. | 13+


A married couple who are odd workers seek sustenance in the middle of a city where environmental resources are constantly being dredged by the elitist, trapping them in increasingly surreal nightmares. Their efforts are solely for the better future life of their children.


MON, 27 NOV 2023 | XXI STUDIO 2 | 17:30

WED, 29 NOV 2023 | XXI STUDIO 2 | 13:00

Director's Biography

Biografi Sutradara

Kholif Mundzir Aldry

Kholif Mundzir Aldry

Kholif Mundzir Aldry is a filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist born in Samarinda, East Borneo, July 1998. He has an interest in the ways audio-visual works and how audio-visual impacts the ecosystem of life. His first short film titled "Temimpi Maunjun/Fishing Dreams (2021)" was selected in the SPEKTRUM program at the Yogyakarta International Documentary Film Festival/FFD (2021) and several other national and international film festivals. Apart from producing audio-visual or film works, he has also made several mixed media artworks, installation art, and performance art and has been exhibited or displayed in several art spaces or galleries locally and abroad.

Cast & Crew

Kru & Pemain

Production Company Mahakama Film & KakiTangan Films

Producer Muhammad Al Fayed

Main Cast Eka Yusriyansyah, Farah Maulidya, Faeyza Suartriko Putra

Screenplay Kholif Mundzira

Cinematographer Fathurfa

Editor Kholif Mundzira

Notable Achievement


Fishing Dreams (2021)