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“Wage,” Tentang Pahlawan Yang Jarang Dikisahkan

Sempat dirilis di bioskop tahun lalu, biopic tentang Wage Rudolf Soepratman karya John de Rantau dihadirkan kembali di Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival (JAFF) pada hari Senin (3/12) di Empire XXI. Film yang menandakan berakhirnya masa non produktif John de...

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Pentingnya Memahami Pencahayaan dalam Pembuatan Film

Persoalan buat film erat kaitannya dengan persoalan teknis seperti digital lighting. Program JAFF Education ikut membahas pentingnya memahami pencahayaan dalam pembuatan film di dalam kelas Digital Lighting 1 di Jogja National Museum pada hari Minggu...

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Message from Festival President

Asia-Pacific: A History of Travellers

Five years ago, I had the opportunity to create a documentary on the landing of MacArthur, a then popular American general in the WW II, in Morotai Island, an Indonesian territory at the tip of the Pacific Ocean.  There is a historical event, that is often overlooked, occurring prior to MacArthur’s takeover of Pearl Harbour from Japan. A documentary from the US Military shows that the small island Morotai was suddenly surrounded by the US Navy ships, allied forces aircraft, US Army, and Australian Army; American trucks and cars overcrowded the streets and the lemonade and bread factories.

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Garin Nugroho

Festival President

Message from Festival Director

Cruising the Islands Cinematically

The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder,” said  American religious  leader Ralph Washington Sockman. More than a metaphor of knowledge, an island symbolizes openness to any influences and it implies diverse interactions. The 11th Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival (JAFF) chooses “Islandscape” as a festival theme to underscore not only the multitude of artistic expressions and cultural representations in Asian cinema, but also a signature of exchange and confluence of cinematic culture in the region. 

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Budi Irawanto

Festival Director

Message from Festival Curator

The Indeterminate Critic


If you ask me what my practice of criticism is, it’s about undoing my 30-year career trajectory. The more I engage with film criticism the more I want to unlearn it. Most of what I see, as the practice of film criticism today, are at odds with my philosophical stance. While the highest point for a film critic in his lifetime is to be acknowledged and recognised as an authority or expert in his subject field, to me, that’s a fearsome loss of innocence, an invitation to dead knowledge and the illusion of power.   

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Philip Cheah

Festival Curator

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