25 – 29 November 2020

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Staying Faith-ful during Pandemic

In times of crisis, cinema never fails to prove its vitality, becoming a beacon of inspiration and hope in the dark. The depiction of conditions under crisis through its narrative and the act of producing film during… Read More

Budi Irawanto

Festival President


One of the reasons why we chose Hanoman as the symbol for our festival is to reflect our aspirations to become as strong and resilient as him each time we’re faced with difficulties and challenges… Read More

Ifa Isfansyah

Festival Director

Our Turn Just Came Late…

All Asian film critics were faced with one common question this year – did Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite deserve all those Academy Awards? My non-committal reply was… Read More

Philip Cheah

Festival Curator


The cinematic treasure of Asia never seems to stop manifesting a dynamic diversity. The diversity is shown not only in a matter of form, but also the issue and context presented… Read More

Reza Fahri

Program Director

Our Effort to Look Inwards

To move is to make an effort; that’s the philosophy behind this year’s JAFF. This year isn’t easy for all of us, especially in the field of cinema and festival. However, our effort in making the… Read More

Kamila Andini

Artistic Director

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