Selama 6 hari penyelenggaraan Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival (JAFF) 2013 yang terbagi dalam berbagai program, yakni pemutaran utama, special program/screening, dan public lecture, jumlah total penonton adalah 6.450 orang.

Garin Nugroho

Message from
Festival President

:: Garin Nugroho

Recently as a juror at the Hawaii International Film Festival, I found that six Korean films dominated the Asian entries. Here, we can deduce two ideas – the power of Korean cinema and the fast regeneration among … >>

Philip CheahMessage from
Festival Curator 

:: Philip Cheah

Have you ever wondered that globalization is such an insidious force that it conforms everything within its path? Over the last decade, it seems clearer that even the new art cinema has been globalised … >>

Budi Irawanto - Fest Director

Message from
Festival Director

:: Budi Irawanto

When international film festivals started lauding Asian cinema for its exotic imagery and richly unique stories, it threatened to fix Asia into a typecast reality. As a result, Asian cinema becomes complicit with the other’s gaze… >>